Most people want a root canal procedure like they want a hole in their head – which is funny because a root canal does kind of involve a hole in your head (if you consider your teeth part of your head).

But for those who need it, a root canal is a huge relief from the symptoms of having a dead nerve in your tooth.

Why do I need a root canal?

Dentist Examines The Oral Cavity Of A woman patient

During a root canal, a dentist removes the nerve and any decay from inside a tooth and replaces it with a fake nerve before sealing it up to prevent further decay. This is done because the nerve is dead and has started to decay in the interior of the tooth.

Symptoms of a dead tooth

Incessant pain

When there is decay in the tooth, it causes consistent repeating pain. It may be continuous, or it may come and go, but it always returns. The worst part is this pain is not necessarily constrained to your tooth or even your mouth. You may feel this throughout your jaw and into the rest of your face.

Tooth sensitivity

There are many reasons why you may face tooth sensitivity, but if the pain lingers for a long time, and is still there long after you’ve finished eating, there’s a chance you could need a root canal.

Tooth discolouration

When there’s an infection inside your tooth, the decay can start to change the colour from the inside, creating a greyish-black hue in your tooth.

Swollen gums

If your gums are swollen, inflamed, or there is kind of a pimple-rash on your gums, it’s a sign that there may be an infection, which may need a root canal to get rid of.

Loose tooth

If there is decay in your tooth, it may start to feel loose.

Book an appointment today

The above symptoms can be the result of a variety of problems. However, if you’re facing three or more of these symptoms, it’s a pretty good sign that you may need a root canal. If so, your best bet is to book a dentist appointment today, before the symptoms get worse.