While it may sound like an exercise series to pump up your abs, core build -up is actually an essential part of dentistry. In this article we’ll cover what it is and why you may need a core build-up.

What is Core Build-Up?

Core build-up is a dental procedure used to restore the core structure of a tooth. Think of it as laying a strong foundation for a house. The core of a tooth is made up of dentin, which supports the outer enamel. When a tooth is heavily decayed or damaged, it loses a significant portion of this dentin, making it weak and unable to support a restoration like a crown or a bridge on its own. This is where core build-up comes in.

The Role of Core Build-Up

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The main purpose of a core build-up is to rebuild a tooth’s core, so it can provide adequate support for a new restoration, like a crown. During this procedure, your dentist will remove any decay and then use a filling material to reconstruct the tooth’s core. This material is usually a composite resin, which is durable and bonds well with the natural tooth.

When is Core Build-Up Needed?

Core build-up is often necessary when a tooth has undergone significant damage due to decay, fracture, or after root canal treatment. In cases where the natural tooth structure is insufficient to hold a crown or other restoration, a core build-up provides the necessary support. It’s like giving your tooth a new lease on life!

In summary, core build-up is a crucial step in restoring a damaged tooth. It’s not just about filling a cavity; it’s about rebuilding the tooth from the inside out. This procedure helps ensure that any restorative work, like crowns or bridges, can be done successfully, bringing back your beautiful smile.