Over the next three years, the Liberal government, backed by the NDP, is offering dental coverage to qualifying Canadians.

This policy is being implemented for a number of reasons, including the increased costs that come with putting off routine dental care. Many people who suffer from the subsequent dental complications that come from not seeing the dentist frequently enough cannot afford to pay out of pocket for their dental care.

Unfortunately, this can lead to more serious dental issues down the road β€” potentially even serious health problems, too.

The new Canada Dental Coverage 2022 plan aims to provide free and reduced dental care to Canadians who can’t afford private dental coverage so they can enjoy a greater quality of life. The plan is set to start small and expand until the plan is fully implemented by 2025.

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What procedures will be covered?

The dental services that would be covered under the proposed plan would include preventive, basic care, and restorative dental procedures (like fillings, extractions and gum disease treatments).

Who will be covered?

The estimated eligible number of people to be covered is 6.5 million households across Canada (including 1.7 million households with children under 18 years old). The goal of the program is to target those people lacking access to standard dental benefits whether through their current work situation or through other means.

First stage (later this year)

Starting later this year, the dental care plan will open to children under 12 years of age. The following year, this would expand to include children up to 18, seniors, and those living with disabilities, and by the year 2025, the program should be fully implemented.

Full implementation (by 2025)

Once fully implemented, the Canadian Dental Plan would cover:

  • Families making less than $90,000 without dental plans (individuals making under $70,000 would not have to make co-pays)
  • Children up to 18
  • Seniors
  • Those living with disabilities

More accessible dental care for Canadians

Though there are still more details to unfold, this proposal appears to be a positive step forward in helping more Canadians gain access to oral health – and all the benefits that come with it! That’s something to smile about πŸ˜‰